Lingering Dreams

I’m excited to debut a series of new drawings on Friday, April 22 at 51st State in Washington, DC!

Inspired in part by patterns in nature, mystical imagery and pop iconography, this series of drawings incorporates subtle humor and repetitive detail to explore themes of boundaries between self and other.

Since I’m used to working in oil, creating a series of black and white drawings led to more spontaneity and detail on a small scale. Join me at a salon-style reception to see the drawings, ask me all your questions, and consider picking one up for your collection.

If you can’t make it, stop by anytime through the next month to check out the work. Hope to see you Friday! More info/RSVP on Facebook.

When: Friday April 22 from 7-9PM
Where: 51st State | 2512 L St NW Washington, DC – View Map
More info/RSVP on Facebook

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