Emulsion 2017

I’m pleased to showcase a piece in Emulsion 2017, East City Art’s regional juried show. To quote the Pinkline Project: “An emulsion blends two seemingly incompatible substances to produce a third yet distinct substance. Oil + Egg Yolk = Mayonnaise | Air + Sugar = Meringue | Baltimore + Washington = Art Competition. In this spirit, East City Art’s EMULSION seeks to blend the culturally different yet geographically close regions of Washington and Baltimore by combining a wide array of art forms and mediums such as two-dimensional work, sculpture and performance pieces.” If that sounds up your alley, I hope to see you at the opening or artist talk:

Emulsion 2017
@ Pepco Edison Place Gallery
702 8th St. NW

Opening Reception: Friday, March 3 from 6-8:30pm
Artist Talk: Thursday, March 9 beginning at 6pm
Closing Reception: Thursday, March 16

Exhibition on view March 3-16, 2017