Emulsion 2017


I’m pleased to showcase a piece in Emulsion 2017, East City Art’s regional juried show. To quote the Pinkline Project: “An emulsion blends two seemingly incompatible substances to produce a third yet distinct substance. Oil + Egg Yolk = Mayonnaise | Air + Sugar = Meringue | Baltimore + Washington = Art Competition. In this spirit, East City Art’s EMULSION seeks to blend the culturally different yet geographically close regions of Washington and Baltimore by combining a wide array of art forms and mediums such as two-dimensional work, sculpture and performance pieces.” If that sounds up your alley, I hope to see you at the opening or artist talk:

Emulsion 2017
@ Pepco Edison Place Gallery
702 8th St. NW

Opening Reception: Friday, March 3 from 6-8:30pm
Artist Talk: Thursday, March 9 beginning at 6pm
Closing Reception: Thursday, March 16

Exhibition on view March 3-16, 2017

Making the decision to go to grad school

Working in the studio this summer

This summer, I began something new. I’m attending the nearby Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. I enrolled in the Masters of Fine Art in Studio Art (MFAST ), a small, interdisciplinary MFA program. “Interdisciplinary” means I work alongside all types of visual artists – from sculptors to performance artists. This was important to me, because I’m exploring new mediums and no longer consider myself strictly a 2-d artist. The program is low-residency. It includes part-time study during the regular Fall and Spring semesters, and in the Summer, an intensive 6-week on-campus session (the “residency” part). I’ve just completed my first summer session, and I’ll go back to Baltimore the next three summers. Continue reading

More than a Muse


I’m pleased to participate in a new art exhibition entitled More Than a Muse. Curated by Mojdeh Rezaeipour and The Bunnyman Bridge Collective, the artists of More Than a Muse create work in a variety of mediums. Saturday, December 19, 2015, from 8pm to midnight, spend an evening with the artists: Continue reading

Little Salon DC

I’m so excited to be featured in next week’s Little Salon, happening Tuesday, Oct 27 at a home in Takoma Park. Little Salon will release 100 tickets to the salon today (Tues, Oct 20) at 11am. In addition to my paintings, the salon features dessert samples, art/writing combo, Brazilian jazz, and dramatic readings inspired by the Halloween season. (Not familiar with Little Salon? Read this or this.) Tickets go on sale at 11am TODAY and will sell out quickly – Visit Little Salon at 11am to snag yours.



A drawing a day

A drawing a day - Day 3

For 30 days, I’m going to produce a drawing a day. Some days this may be elaborate, some days simple. These could be collaborative or solo drawings, pen and ink, pencil, complex and shaded or simple doodles. The goal is to keep generating ideas without pressure…or work through a lack of ideas. I’ll post these to a Facebook album here.